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We specialize in pairing the right medium to your message at the most efficient cost



Despite the increased usage of DVRs, Netflix, Hulu, and even the Hopper, TV advertising is the top way in which Americans learn about new products and brands. (Marketshare, 2015) But there’s no denying that the influence is changing. 

If you’re a business owner and have tried to wade through the increasingly complex world of cable and broadcast TV, ratings, TRPs, CPMs, reach, frequency, dayparts, and overall effectiveness of the most expensive advertising medium, then we would highly recommend using an experienced media buyer (see 5 Reasons to Hire a TV Media Buyer).


Print advertising still has a place in successful advertising and branding campaigns.  The key is finding the most targeted print medium that reaches your audience.  Utilizing niche publications can be a perfect fit for certain brands and businesses.  A great read on the current power of print can be found here:


In recent years, radio has had its ups and downs competing with Internet radio platforms like Pandora, Spotify, iTunes radio, satellite radio & more.  However, it still has a lot of value, especially for local businesses like retailers wanting to reach a highly qualified audience right before they arrive to shop.  Because more than two thirds of the audience works full-time, tuning in during the working day, away from home, radio consumers have money to spend. 




If your marketing campaign is built right, with every element focusing on the same branding message you want to communicate, outdoor billboards or other signage can be a great complimentary tool for brands with a relatively broad audience.  Digital billboards have made it much more efficient to target audiences by season, weekday, or even time of day (craving breakfast?). 



             Social Media


One of the most requested services we offer clients is management, posting, and promoting of social media ads, especially Facebook. And for good reason. We've seen social media produce immediate results for clients across service, non-profit, and retail businesses, and at the lowest cost-per-thousand among all mediums. With pinpoint targeting of interests, keywords, location, age, and more, social media is a requirement for every business now.

Digital media is the not only the media of the future, it should be an essential component of your media plan now. Are you using digital pre-roll for news or keyword searches? Want to eliminate waste and just focus on one or two counties rather than the entire market? From internet radio, to online TV, to paid and organic search, the fragmented media consumption world we live in requires utilizing digital advertising now. And with geo- and demo-targeting, it's at it's most efficient level ever.
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